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Carp Fishing Weekend
When you’re spending more than a few hours carp fishing, you’ve got to go prepared. No amount of great fishing can make up for being without certain little luxuries! We’re not suggesting you’ve got to turn your camp into a five star hotel, but making sure you’ve packed these essentials will turn your carp trip from disaster to triumph… 
Cool Box 
A weekend of carp fishing needs plenty of food, so you want a reliable cool box that can store plenty of food. There’s nothing worse when on a fishing trip than realising you haven’t brought enough food with you! 
Avoid the problem of having to pack everything up, head off for food and then returning and setting everything back up again by taking a cool box full of great food. It’ll make your trip infinitely more enjoyable! 
A reliable hot plate 
As much as we all enjoy a sandwich, if you’re going to spend a weekend by a lakeside you’re going to need something far more substantial and the only way to get that is by cooking it yourself. 
A good hot plate will keep you well supplied with plenty of hot meals and drinks. A fried breakfast and a hot cup of coffee in the morning is far more appealing than a soggy sandwich and the dregs of a bottle of water, wouldn’t you agree?! 
A solid bivvy 
Whilst we all picture weekend carp trips being accompanied by hazy summer sunshine and bright blue skies, the reality is the British weather can turn on a sixpence, so one minute you might be enjoying the rays, the next minute you could be scrambling for cover under a cloudburst! 
Your bivvy is your home for the weekend and you certainly don’t want to skimp – get the best one you can afford. A good bivvy will provide you with excellent shelter and one less headache. 
A good chair bed 
One of the highlights of a carping weekend is the time spent relaxing, and what better way to relax than to lie back on a good quality chair bed, overlooking a great lake? You’re looking for top build quality, firm springs with a comfortable, well-padded top. You set the reclining top to the perfect angle so you can enjoy a doze whilst waiting for the fish to play their part. 
A comfortable bed is an absolute must – if you can’t get comfortable, it’ll ruin your fishing weekend! 
High quality lighting 
This is in absolute must for anyone fishing overnight. As any experienced angler knows, some venues come alive at night and the last thing you want as you hear the bite alarm scream is to be walking around in the dark, tripping over kit and ending in the lake! 
A good quality lantern and head torch are key to night fishing. Being able to see clearly when you need it most is vital to making your trip a successful one. A good light should be bright, ideally rechargeable (if not, make sure you take plenty of batteries) and easy to turn on and off. 
Take these essentials with you and your weekend carping trip so much more! 
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